I think an item that really is overlooked when planning a project is the budgeting of time. The allocation of enough time for the creative process – to be specific.
As a designer, I think it’s very important to include enough time for a creation to evolve and flourish.

We’ve previously discussed budgeting for a project from a financial point of view and we also went into how changes in time can impacts the end cost of your event.

In this case though, I want to discuss the time allocated for experimenting and installing the desired design to get the look that you want.

The creative process takes time, and when you’re at the venue, you want it to look spectacular. There is a certain amount of time that’s associated with tweaking the design and really getting it to look as incredible as possible.

At times when I’m working on a project and setting up the same day of the event, the design implemented doesn’t appear the way we all thought it would in concept. So our team needs some time to change a few things to get the look that was first intended.
For example, I remember a project where we spent months with the client coming up with ideas and concepts. The project was planned for 1 day setup and 1 day of rehearsal. Then at the late moment, the client decided that they couldn’t allocate time for a rehearsal hence everything happening on one day.

While I spent time explaining that this would definitely affect the final outcome from a creative standpoint, it was overlooked and disappointing for us that we weren’t able to do a lot of things that we were planning to do because of the last minute time change.

So it’s important to really keep in mind that the creative needs time during setup to ensure you’re getting the exact look you’re looking for. Often times It’s not just turning the screw that solves an issue, it’s knowing which screw to turn. And that takes time.

Hopefully that was very helpful. If you have a project that we’re working on and you want some guidance where you just wanted to get an idea about something that you’re having the works, please feel free to contact us at Levy NYC. We have a very strong and dedicated team that can help you solve your problems and answer your questions. You can reach us at 212-925-4640 or info@levynyc.net . Thank you.