“I’m meeting you about your project and you’re telling me your vision and you say I want the room to look beautiful and I want this and that…

If I give you a list of equipment, you’re like “What is this?”

You won’t know what this list of equipment is and if you come to me on the day of the show and say this is not what I expected. I don’t want be the one to say “Well, look it’s all here. We have five of these, ten of those, twelve of these.”

Which is what you might have in a sort of a AV type of experience as opposed to a complete concept.

On the day of the show, no matter what you have on that piece of paper, the idea is that the design has to be right.

So, communication and clarification are important. It’s not just this black and white piece of paper with the bunch of line items and quantity at the bottom.

You need to understand some sort of a design, or have somebody that you can speak with that you feel has it.”

– Ira Levy