Design is at the core of each project. At Levy NYC we create amazing experiences of light, sound and video with state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with a signature style of seamless installation. From a spectacular product launch, to an upscale wedding reception, a laid-back after party, or a lavish movie premier – we work with other designers, architects, artists and event planners to create the perfect environment that matches your vision.

Lighting, Sound, Video Production

Our services go beyond paper – we offer comprehensive production services for the implementation and installation of our designs. We specialize in the integration of immersive video projection, innovative low profile sound equipment and low impact lighting installations to create seamless environments. We utilize the most up-to-date equipment such as wireless pinspots to reduce clutter, low profile and remote-controlled lights for on-the-spot adjustments, flexible speakers to blend into the background while producing stunning sound, and much more. All spaces are treated with great care and our professionalism on the job remains a hallmark of our reputation.


Architainment lighting, sound and video featuring entertainment technology for retail, hospitality, real estate, casinos, themed environments and architecture. Specializing in LED walls, pixel mapping, screens and interactive technology. Architainment features a mix of entertainment and theatrical technology creatively blending with traditional architectural elements and control systems.

Architectural Lighting

Levy NYC specializes in the design and implementation of architectural projects as well. We create concept designs, fixture specifications, production schedules, AutoCAD layouts, and photo-metric paperwork for purchasing. All programming of pre-set scenes, including dimming, timed color changes, or other more complex scenarios is performed by Levy NYC as well as final reviews of luminaries to ensure client satisfaction.

Artist Collaborations

Ira Levy’s passion for lighting is unwavering. In 2013, Ira Levy and Liam O’Braion founded the New York Festival of Light organization and in 2014 they launched the first annual event with a massive turnout. The festival featured a curated collection of lighting and art installations created by local and international lighting designers, performance artists and technologists who work with the medium of light. Levy NYC played an important role in serving as one of the biggest production partners.