Why Go Full-Service?

Everyone who works in the Events industry knows you cannot produce an event by yourself. Just between the lighting, sound, and video production - it’s all too much to handle alone. So where is the fine line between Do-It-Yourself and overpaying in your technical production costs?

We believe the key is the difference between the doing and the managing - here are three reasons to consider sourcing a full-service lighting, sound, and video production company like Levy Lighting NYC:

  1. MONEY - Think about your costs when sourcing audio, video, and lighting equipment from separate vendors. The charges add up when you consider labor and trucking fees between three different companies, and all their individual taxes on the project.

  2. TIME - Consider the communication with all of your vendors and the complexities behind load-in and strike times, venue restrictions, power distribution and overall design. By sourcing the most limited amount of organizations possible for events, planners can streamline their communications and save more time for managerial aspects of production.

  3. AESTHETIC - When one company brings white colored gear, and another brings black - you’ve got yourself a design issue. Events are growing bigger and bigger, and so is the attention to detail as well as the attendee’s levels of expectation. By employing one company to comprehensively handle your technical event needs, you as the planner or coordinator can concisely dictate your expectations and go greater distances as a designer.